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A jumpy work history could make recruiters wary. Begin using these ideas to disguise frequent career progresses your document. If you have held several jobs over a brief period, and do not explain the alterations in your resume, you may seem like a "job hopper" to recruiters and employing managers. Although job hopping is much more acceptable of computer was about ten years ago, it may still raise concerns with recruiters. Tom Lovett, president and senior partner of Lovett and Lovett Executive Search in Dayton, Ohio, states job hopping can be a manifestation of poor interpersonal abilities and insufficient performance. "Information mill uninterested in wasting their money or time expertly creating a candidate which has not were built with a effective career track," states Mr. Lovett. Nancy Vasquez, 49 years of age, has thought that employing managers are cautious about her job history. Ms. Vasquez, who resides in New You are able to City, has held five positions within the last eight many states that her "jumpy background" might be slowing down her search.

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